Department of Education Releases Q&A on Title IX Guidance
Department of Education Releases Q&A on Title IX Guidance

The Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education released a question-and-answer document Tuesday to provide institutions with resources to comply with the changes made to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 in 2020.

The Q&A and its appendix -- released as the department continues its comprehensive review of the regulations, which remain in effect -- address some of the questions OCR has received from institutions and stakeholders, including during the five days of public hearings it held on Title IX in June. The department also released a full transcript of those hearings Tuesday.

"We recognize that we must both move quickly to protect the rights of all students to be free from sex discrimination and take time to listen to and learn from those most impacted by the law," said Suzanne Goldberg, acting assistant secretary for civil rights, in a blog post.

Among the information provided in the Q&A is how an institution should determine whether to investigate off-campus conduct, the types of allowable evidence for a decision maker to use if a party or witness doesn't submit to cross-examination and the appropriate length of time that an institution should take to investigate a complaint.

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