NCAA Takes Step Toward Limiting Amateurism Rules
NCAA Takes Step Toward Limiting Amateurism Rules

The National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I Council on Monday recommended that the association suspend its long-standing rules limiting athletes' ability to profit from their names, images and likenesses. The panel's vote clears the way for the Division I Board of Directors to formally alter the NCAA policy with its own vote by July 1, which is when laws allowing college athletes to capitalize commercially on their renown take effect in several states.

The suspension of the NCAA rules would mean that athletes could promote themselves in profitable ways without running afoul of the rules, whether the states where their colleges are located have laws permitting name, image and likeness activities or not. Athletes can also hire advisers to help them with promoting themselves.

In the last several days, numerous college athletes have unveiled plans for personal logos, clothing lines and other endeavors to take advantage of their newfound opportunity.

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